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uTorrent Zen version 3.1.3

Anyone use torrents?  Anyone have a favorite torrent client?  I've tried most... most recently Deluge and some of the others.  However, I find they all have problems (in one way or another) and always find myself back at utorrent. However, utorrent has problems too...especially with the newer versions.  At one point, I basically had no complaints. Then, starting at around utorrent 3.3 or maybe 3.2 (which crashes on my computer when I try to install it) they started pumping in the ads.  I understand they need/want to support their efforts and that's ok.  You can turn the ads off by going to Advanced preferences and setting the following preferences to false:


Therefore, you can streamline the interface to not see the ads.  However, my problems are with the latest version UI.  It simply has issues that didn't exist in earlier versions.  Here are some examples:

  • Queued Seeds - If a torrent is a "Queued Seed" and you try to stop it... you have to click Stop (which appears to do nothing)... then Pause... to get it to the Finished State.
  • Que Priority - if you're trying to move a single torrent up the queue (or down)... you highlight it, then push the queue up arrow... the torrent deselects itself. So, then you have to go select it again and push the up arrow... repeat ... until it gets to the top of the list. That's a lot of clicking and mouse movement. Yet, if you select more than one torrent, the torrents stay selected after you click the up arrow which is the desired behavior.... because then you can click that up arrow as fast as you can click your mouse button to get it up the list....not so with a single torrent in the newer versions.
  • Upgrading - uTorrent is always asking to upgrade but then doesn't complete the process.  It simply starts the upgrade and then shuts down utorrent... and quits.  Then when you remember a couple hours later, you wonder what happened to uTorrent and then realize it's not running... yet the upgrade mechanism asks you to upgrade again... repeat...

Many folks say that utorrent 2.2.1 is the best because that was the last version that didn't have adware.  But, I disagree. It's just not visually appeasing.  I like the green status bar in the torrent grid as well as many other bells and whistles in later versions.

Probably the greatest thing about utorrent is that its extremely lightweight and can be upgraded or downgraded with minimal effort while still retaining your settings and torrent lists.  So, I went on a mission today and spent several hours backtracking through the versions to find the zen period of utorrent.  I think I found it at the latest version of 3.1.3 and you can download it here:

As far as I can tell, the only adware is in the install.  The last installer screen asks you to install/download something and you just uncheck the box and finish the installer.  I don't see any ads in the UI and if you go to advanced preferences, the only setting from the list above you need to change is:


However, as near as I can tell, this does nothing.  Maybe that preference is for future upgrades to not show that last installer screen?  I don't know... and I would try to upgrade to 3.2.3, but all the 3.2 versions crash on the final step...and for sure at 3.3 is where they start screwing everything up.  So, I'll just stay at 3.1.3.  Life is good here...