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How to add a video news feed to your site

We currently have google gadgets that display news feeds through the google gadget interface.  However, it is not necessary to use the google gadget interface.  If you want you can embed the code in your own site and set up the the layout any way you like.  The process is simple too.  At the time this article was posted, the following is a complete list of all the video news feeds we offer and the link to their page:

In case this list isn't up to date, we recommend you search all our video news feed gadgets by searching here:

sumnone news feed (If you see the default google image, that means we have removed the gadget as the content provider has removed the feed. However, google hasn't remove the gadget for whatever reason)

Anyway, on to business...  To add the feed to your own web page simply click the embed icon in the upper right hand corner of the player window:


Upon clicking on that, an embed window will open up with the code that you need. Simply click the "Agree and Copy Code" button and then paste the code into your blog or webpage.