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Customizable Dukascopy Forex Market Charts Google Gadget

Check out our Dukascopy Forex Charts Google Gadget. If you have not done so, you can add it here:

Dukascopy Forex Charts Google Gadget

The gadget works with the default settings. However, we assume you want to look at different currencies as well as different timeframes, units, and such. This is a quick guide on how to use the gadget. First go to the Edit Settings Menu by click on the

Go to the "Edit settings" menu by clicking on the icon that looks like a square with an upside down triangle in it. Choose "Edit settings."

In the Pair drop down list choose the currency pair you want.
In the Style drop down list. Choose the type of style you want.
In the Time drop down list, choose your timeframe.
Choose your Units.
Once you hit the save button, the chart will reflect the options you chose.
Add as many charts to your iGoogle page simply by clicking on the Add another chart to this page link.

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