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Movie Maker - Download Windows Essential 2012 (formerly Windows Live Essentials 2012)

Windows Movie Maker still works on Windows 10. However, you can't just install Movie Maker, you have to install Windows Essentials 2012, as it's a part of that suite. You used to be able to download it here:

According to that post though, the download links were removed because, "Update (3/21/2017): URLs removed as WLE lifecycle is over."

If you don't trust download sites, since they are usually trying to blast you with ads, get you to click on the wrong link, or attach a download manager (or whatever), you can find it with some basic google searching here (just to name a few):



If those links don't work, the google search I executed was:

wlsetup-all.exe "parent directory" "index of"

"Parent directory" and "index of" are words you'll find in a browse-able web directory. You can usually exclude one or the other quoted search phrases too. You can do this to find just about anything.

UPDATE: I just found out tonight that these come in different languages. Doh! Be aware. The above are not English. Here's an actual English version: