This is a guide to show you how to use our Amazon Google gadget found here:

Customizable Google Gadget

Once you have added the gadget, the gadget will work with the default settings.  However, to configure it with the look and feel you want, click the Edit Settings button:

After you click Edit Settings, a menu will pop up (on the first page load, it can take a little time, maybe 10 seconds, so be patient). In this box you can set your default search term (i.e. ipod, mp3 player, Lord of the Rings, etc.).  Amazon offers five different styles.  So choose your style and style theme.  However, make sure that your style theme is for the correct syle number.  If your style is 1, you style theme should show “for style 1, ” and so on.  If the theme doesn’t match the style number, it will simply revert to the default theme:

After you click save, the gadget will reflect the options you chose.  Notice the example below has a default search term of mp3 with Show Image, Price and Rating unchecked.

If you want to see the Image, Price, or Rating, simply go back to “Edit Settings” menu  and click each box to show image, price and rating.  Then click save.  The gadget will reflect the new settings:

You can also choose a style and style theme.  Just go to the “Edit Settings” menu.  Click either 1,2,3,4 or 5 and click a style theme for the given style and click save.  As we mentioned earlier, the style theme must match the style.  In the following example, our style is 2 and the style theme reads “for style 2:”

After clicking save, your gadget will reflect your new style:

Add as many Amazon gadgets as you want to your iGoogle page by clicking the link at the bottom to add another Amazon Search Google Gadget.


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