The following is an example of one of our video news feed google gadgets:

Check out all our different video news feed gadgets here (If using a pop-up blocker, hold Ctrl + Alt + left mouse click):

Reuters Video News Feed
Reuters Business Video News Feed
New York Times Video News
U.S. News and World Report
KNTV Bay Area NBC Video News Feed
KTVF Webcenter 11 Fairbanks Video News Feed
KXAS Dallas NBC Video News Feed
Memphis Eyewitness Video News Feed
WMAQ Chicago NBC 5 Video News Feed
WCAU Philadelphia NBC Video News Feed
Channel 9 Syracuse ABC Video News Feed
WETM 18 Online NBC Video News Feed
WRC Washington DC NBC Video News Feed
13 WHAM New York Headline News
WNBC NYC NBC 4 Video News Feed San Antonio NBC Video News Feed
Channel 34 Binghampton NBC Video News Feed
NBC 15 Online Mobile Alabama Press Video News Feed

Normally, this page would show you how to configure the gadget.  However, there isn't much configuring to do.  Just add and press the play button.  In case this list isn't up to date, we recommend you search all our video news feed gadgets by searching here:

sumnone news feed (If you see the default google image, that means we have removed the gadget as the content provider has removed the feed. However, google hasn't remove the gadget for whatever reason)

If you're interested in putting one of these news feeds into your own webpage click here.


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