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Code to Add Alexa Widget to Your Website

I found an article that talks about raising your Alexa page rank simply by putting the Alexa widget on your site. However, it appears Alexa doesn't want people doing this any more? Long story short, the Alexa widget link in all those articles is 404 now. So, here is the code:

<a href="<yoursitehere>">
  <script type="text/javascript" language="JavaScript" src="<yoursitehere>"></script>


Simply replace the <yoursitehere> (including the brackets) with your domain name and then paste it into your site.

Also, "a" before the "?url" defines the style you want to use. The ones I tried are:

  • a = small square
  • b = vertical rectangle
  • c = horizontal rectangle

I stopped on c, so there might be more.


Recaptcha Control Broken in

Recently I noticed that my recaptcha control images had disappeared off my sites which equated to a lot errors and broken controls, even though an initial first glance would lead you to believe there is no issue.  However, if you click a submit button that requires a Recaptcha control, all hell breaks lose.  Long story short, somebody changed the javascript url.  So when the browser calls for the url, it's simply not there.  I'm not sure exactly when, and I'm not sure how to get in the loop on these things, but here's the fix:

  1. Go to the \App_Code\Extensions\Recaptcha directory
  2. Open RecaptchaControl.cs and go to line 558.
  3. Replace the URL: