I'm back with Miniblog.Core, previously BlogEngine.Net (dotnetblogengine.net). BlogEngine.net was abandoned and prone to security vulnerabilities and so I deleted the blog to not have to worry about it and then worked on a couple other projects for a couple years without even thinking about a blog.

I'm not sure, but it appears BlogEngine.net was taken over by a different author and exists now at BlogEngine.io. It looks the same as the original BlogEngine.net, with all the same features, themes and add-ons and I'm assuming updated to plug the holes.

This blog is not that great. It's mostly where I post issues I run into from time to time and jot them down, so I have a place to recall what I did. If it helps someone else too, then great. It's also a testbed for new frameworks before I try them in other places.

Long story short, Miniblog.Core is a minimal blog engine framework by the original BlogEngine.net author that really focuses on simplicity and performance. Combined with Cloudflare, it gets a 100% on both mobile and desktop platforms. I didn't test without Cloudflare, but I know the demo blog scores very close to that.

You can find Miniblog.Core here:


There is just a couple issues. At the time of this writing, when you try to install via the command nuget package instructions on the above link (dotnet new --install MadsKristensen.AspNetCore.Miniblog), it installs the older .Net Core 2.0 version. So, you basically need to download the code from the main page above and go from there.

Second, pagination wasn't working for me. So, I needed the fix here:


Lastly, and not an issue, the posts are written in xml and very similar to the original BlogEngine.net. So, I created a converter here:


Once done converting, simply copy the converted (output) xml files to your posts folder in your new Miniblog.Core installation.


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