If you are in the Philippines and trying to connect to the internet using your Nokia cell phone as a modem through OVI suite, Smart Buddy and Globe are the two main competitors here.  You can get tolerable speeds from both providers depending on your coverage.  This also assumes you can already browse the internet through your phone browser (i.e. internet is enabled for your phone through your provider)

My Smart Buddy sim worked immediately upon connecting it to the computer and OVI suite.  The initial setup is:

Tools > Options > Connect to Internet > Use this Network Operator:

Home Country: Philippines

Home Operator: SMART

Choose OK

Then choose Tools > Connect to Internet

At this point you should be using your SMART Buddy sim to browse the internet through your computer.  Globe (prepaid), however, was not quite as easy...unless you know the trick.  Upon connecting my Nokia (with Globe sim) to OVI suite, I continued to get this error on my phone:

"subscribe to packet data first"

After messing with the APN and every network settings on my phone and wasting several hours, I found the solution (or at least the proper address) on another website spoken in either Tagalo or Cebuano.  Anyway, get rid of any changes that you made to your phone, then go to the OVI suite:

Tools > Options > Connect to Internet

If you pick GLOBE from the Home Operator settings mentioned above, you can see below (in OVI suite) that it populates the "Use Manual Settings" with:

internet.globe.com.ph (this setting is correct if you are a postpaid customer...although I'm not sure why anyone would be)

Bullet the "Use Manual Settings" option and change that value to:


That should do it. Be sure to disconnect when you are done browsing as it costs you n load every x minutes, depending on your provider and if you haven't subscribed to a promotion.  Happy Browsing.


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