I found an interesting and effective tool in the last couple weeks.  It's call PRTG Network Monitor.  I really wish I had known about this tool when I was doing 9-5 corporate IT work.  But, it is possible I may go back into that line of work in the future, so I will keep PRTGNM in my bag of tricks.  Currently, I live in Southeast Asia on a highly unreliable and slow internet connection (2mb) and PRTG helps me to figure out where the bottle-necks are.  Before PRTGNM, I was practically pulling my hair out.  Whether it's my ISP, the sublink, or simply my girlfriend on youtube sucking up all the bandwidth, I always know where the issue lies now.  I manage several websites on this server and now have greater visibility when one of my customers tells me their site is/was down.  I hadn't even planned on using PRTGNM for that.  If you throw in that I barely had to think to configure it (mostly it configured itself), it's a must have.  If I ever go back into corporate IT work, PRTGNM will be a top 3 on my list of things to immediately push to management (assuming I'm not management) and purchase.  Click the banner to give it a try:

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